Networking: exchange information to develop professional or social contacts.

It enhances communication and availability of information.
It allows for more convenient resource sharing.
It makes file sharing easier.
It increases cost efficiency.
It is an inexpensive system, boosts storage capacity and highly flexible.
Networking, especially with full access to the web, allows ways of communication that would simply be impossible before it was developed. Instant messaging can now allow users to talk in real time and send files to other people wherever they are in the world, which is a huge boon for businesses.
Computer networking allows easier accessibility for people to share their files, which greatly helps them with saving more time and effort, since they could do file sharing more accordingly and effectively.
Computer networking will always be a fast and convenient means of transferring and sharing information, but people should be aware of its consequences as well. They should remember that often relying on this system can put them at certain risks that can be cause by its flaws and other malfunctions.