There is a lot more to retail than you might think.

It is one of the most diverse, fast paced and exciting sectors to work in.
With the rising need for consumer goods in different sectors including consumer electronics and home appliances, many companies have been investing in retail space.
The opportunities are endless, You can work with the things you love from fashion, sport or technology to food, wine or furniture. You might want to deal with customers every day, making sure they get a great experience in a store or online, or you may enjoy providing back office services.
Retail keeps changing. Retailers constantly anticipate shoppers’ changing tastes and behaviour so there is always something exciting happening.
If you want to be self-employed there are several ways to start your own retail business.
Customers have the ever increasing choice of products at the lowest rates. E-commerce is probably creating the biggest revolution in the retail industry, and this trend would continue in the years to come. Retailers should leverage the digital retail channels, which would enable them to spend less money on real estate while reaching out to more customers.
Both organised and unorganised retail companies have to work together to ensure better prospects for the overall retail industry, while generating new benefits for their customers.
Retail is a growth sector, even during the recent recession retailers continued to employ an increasing number of people. The internet means more retailers are selling outside the Country. This provides great job security and opportunity for people who love retailing and become good at it.
Where there are people there are retailers and retail career prospects. You can take your retail knowledge and experience abroad.