Start Up: Early stage in the life cycle of an enterprise

To support young ambitious people to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity.
SYNCHRONOS has developed a number of solutions, interventions designed to specifically support and target proactive entrepreneurs that either intend to start a business or grow an existing enterprise.
Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in post-conflict societies experience specific hurdles and challenges. These are different for start-ups compared to existing businesses.
The main challenges these entrepreneurs face are a lack of capacity and knowledge of doing business (management, sales and finance), difficulties with access to (start-up) finance, lack of professional networks, innovation and market knowledge. Additionally, in conflict affected states, there is not much guidance for start-ups.
SYNCHRONOS has focused on conflict affected environments. Conflict affected environments offer less formal employment opportunities to young people. At the same time, stabilisation of the society at large in such environments relies often on creating job opportunities for large numbers of unemployed youth.
Operating in a conflict affected environment also means one needs to be aware of the local political situation, as well as conflict dynamics and community fabric. Special attention needs to be devoted to ensuring opportunities of the centres are equally accessible to all in the society. Groups such as demobilised combatants, refugees, IDPs, women and minority communities are generally adversely affected by conflict.